My Services


We work with individuals of all ages around any issue. We are all skilled in working with trauma, anxiety, depression and life events such as illness or bereavement. Some individuals will come to us at points of change in life when they are considering the best way forward.  


Family Therapy

We are specifically trained to be able to work with family groups, and are accredited to do so. We are flexible and creative in our approach to family work and tailor the therapy to the families needs. We can see parents and children together or separately and work with families around a wide range of concerns. 


Couples may come to see us to take stock of their relationship and look at ways of strengthening it. Couples may also seek our support because they feel their relationship is breaking down and they want to take steps to save it. Sometimes couples come with different ideas about their relationship and want to look at ways of moving forward..



Adrian has extensive experience as a  consultant and trainer for the Association of Adoption and Fostering Cymru: